Student Organizations

Three Major Associations

Student Association
The Student Association enjoys the most resources among the three major associations as they organize the most number of student events. The President and the Vice President are elected each May by the juniors and the sophomores. The elected President and Vice President assign leaders of each committee, including the committee of Administration, Students’ Right, Student Affairs, Public Relation, Treasury, Aesthetic Design, and News & Information. Each committee head recruits committee members to carry out specific missions and responsibilities. The student Association organizes important events like the annual signing contests, the three-on-three basketball games, and movie nights. It is also responsible for launching stylish school bags and pins of the year. In a broader sense, the Student Association serves as a bridge between students and the school.

Club Association
The Club Association creates a platform for all clubs to communicate and collaborate. It is responsible for protecting the rights for over 50 student clubs on campus and ensuring their long-standing values and traditions. The Club Association’s President is elected by the presidents of the student clubs. Each year at the orientation and the school anniversary, the show time for all clubs begins. The Club Association organizes these two major events, starting from planning, coordinating among the clubs, promoting the events to ensuring successful turnouts. The student clubs of HSNU wouldn’t be so strong and successful without the efforts of the Club Association.

Senior Association
The Senior Association is primarily in charge of only one event, but the most well-known and popular one among the seniors, Prom. The Senior Association is composed of representatives selected by each class of seniors to organize one of their most important celebrations. The Senior Association’s President is elected by the seniors’ representatives at the first meeting. The Senior Association works closely with students in the Art Program to organize Prom and design the venue based on the theme of the year.

Student Clubs
There are more than 50 active clubs on campus, covering fields from academics, literary arts, community service, recreation, athletics, skills-training, to music. Most clubs have their own offices to hold meetings, do team practices, store equipments or just hang out. While many other high-ranking schools in Taiwan tend to restrict club activities due to a concern that involvement in clubs may affect academic performance, HSNU encourages students to participate in clubs, providing necessary resources for the clubs to organize events such as exhibitions, seminars, and performances.