Special Programs

Music Program

As a beacon in high school education, HSNU took the lead in establishing the Music Program in 1980, the first of its kind in any public high schools in Taiwan. The Music Education Building, located at the most tranquil corner of the campus, is designed to provide a complete practice and learning environment for students of the program, and the music hall on the first floor is where students hold their individual and group concerts. Each year, the school invites internationally well-known musicians to campus for seminars and concerts.


Fine Arts Program

The Fine Arts Program was established in 1989, and has attracted the most skillful and ambitious artists from all over Taiwan since then. Students in the art program undergo thorough technical training as well as being exposed to countless opportunities that require hands-on practice. Numerous exhibitions are held annually in the art gallery at HSNU, which appeal to everyone in the community. In addition, students in the art program are always the biggest contributors to proms and the commencement ceremonies.


Science Program & Honors Math Program

Students in the Science Program and Honors Math Program are required to attend workshops on top of their regular curriculum to gain more experiences in labs and learn various research methods. Field trips are also arranged for students to explore the world they live in. One of the most valuable academic experiences they will acquire is that students of the program have the opportunities to take advanced classes or join projects in the labs at National Taiwan Normal University or at other well-known research centers.


Advanced Language Program

The Advanced Language Program was established in 2004. Only students who have great interest in foreign languages with proven outstanding English proficiency can be enrolled. Students in this program take extra four hours per week for intensive language training. First-year Students in the program are required to take classes of a second language of their choice, including French, Spanish, or Japanese, in their first year.


Information Technology Program

The Information Technology program was established in 2016. Students who are interested in computer science can be admitted into this specialized program based on their entrance examination scores. HSNU has abundant technology resources (4 computer labs and 2 e-Learning classrooms; a faculty composed of teachers with PhD or MA) that will aid students in becoming a professional in the computer science field.