Mission Statement

Our Mission
The mission of HSNU is to equip students with great leadership and inspire them to become contributors to our society.

Our Vision
HSNU offers opportunity for students to realize their full potential and help prepare them for a successful future.

Our Expectation
Students of HSNU are expected to become healthy individuals, ethical intellectuals, disciplined workers, enthusiastic collaborators, educational citizens, critical thinkers, and versatile learners.

Our Philosophy
Enshrine HSNU traditions and continue to innovate
Encourage students to explore freely and learn to respect others
Trust the professionalism of teachers and faculties
Respect the variety and appreciate the difference

Our Values

Our Guidelines
Cultivate leaders of the future
Advance both hardware and software
Enhance computer literacy
Encourage using English to reach out to the globe
Promote innovations in the curriculum
Empower teachers to create an optimal learning environment
Consolidate ethics and morality
Boost up work efficiency