Jr. HSNU is another cradle of talent for junior high school students. It is established in 1980, and has inherited the fine tradition of HSNU that values character building as much as academic performance. The school aims to provide a wide variety of learning experiences and encourages students to explore their interests by participating in school events, including the Sports Day, marathon, debate, and cheerleading competitions.

The diverse learning experiences of Jr. JSNU can also be found in the elective program. Every sophomore can choose one elective course to explore more of their interests. Courses provided in the program cover the following areas: Foreign Language, Sports, Science, Computer Science, Social Science, Mathematics, and Leadership.

In an effort to reach out to the globe, Jr. HSNU signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Middle School of Kansai University where 30 students of Jr. HSNU visited last June. During each summer and winter break, 3 students are selected to spend a week to attend classes in Japan. Jr. HSNU will continue to dedicate to reaching out to more schools and provide more opportunities for students to explore and adventure.