Facts at a Glance

  • The school occupies a campus of 83944.62 m2 (approximately 20.7 acres), the second biggest high school campus in Taipei City.
  • The school is located in Da-an District in central Taipei City.
  • For the 2015-2016 school year, the high school enrollment is 3,091 with 181 faculty members, and the junior high school enrollment is 606 with 49 faculty members.
  • Coupled with regular academic programs, HSNU offers a wide variety of specialized programs to provide a more focused training in specific fields, including the Fine Arts Program, the Music Program, the Science Program, Honors Math Program, and Advanced Language Program.
  • School Flag
  • School Emblem
  • School Motto
    →Scientific reasoning
    →Love for the Country
  • School Song
    HSNU, our cradle
    It was established in Taiwan in boundless beacon war fire .
    Mt. Jade gives us cleverness and grandeur.
    East China Sea makes us broad-minded.
    We come from far and near and integrate all our merits together.
    We are loving, earnest and sincere so that teachers and students live together harmoniously.
    We encourage each other to form moral character and build up our physique.
    We are the backbone of the new age of China
    Elite nurtured by HSNU can take up the heavy responsibility of new generations
    We are never afraid of difficulties.
    Let’s cooperate to make efforts for the rebirth of China
    Let’s irradiate the land of enchanting beauty of our fatherland with the spirit of HSNU.